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You’re mine and we belong together
Yes, we belong together,for eternity

You’re mine, your lips belong to me
Yes, they belong to only me,for eternity

You’re mine, my baby and you’ll always be
I swear by everything I own
You’ll always,always be mine

You’re mine, and we belong together
Yes, we belong together, for eternity

Yes, we belong together, for eternity 3Yes, we belong together, for eternity 5Yes, we belong together, for eternity 2Yes, we belong together, for eternity 6Yes, we belong together, for eternityYes, we belong together, for eternity 4



  • Mesh head – [AK] Kumiko Bento Mesh Head V 2.6 – by KaoZ Koba
  • Mesh body – Maitreya Lara V 4.1 – by Onyx LeShelle
  • Skin applier – Le Forme Akiko/ Summer – by Louise Marsault
  • Tattoo – Arabic Tattoos Wow – by Ta7am
  • Eyes – IKON Promise Eyes/ Coffee – by Ikon Innovia
  • Lashes applier – ::SG:: Akeruka La03 – by SlackGirl
  • Eyeshadows applier – ::SG:: Karley Eyeshadow (upcoming December 7th @ Swank Event) – by SlackGirl
  • Hair – LeLutka A-NV-0003/ Naturals – by Thora Charron
  • Mesh nails – ::SG:: Goldie Bento Mesh Nail (@ The Makeover Room) – by SlackGirl
  • Outfit – [Marquesse] Lilou Outfit/ Green – by Marquesse Team
  • Boots{SA} Lilou Short Boots/ Green – by Shoe-Addiction
  • JewelryDahlia Pontia (@ Project Se7en) – by June Fallon
  • Poses – ::WetCat:: Kissing Tree – by Wetcat Flux


  • Mesh head – CATWA Head Victor Bento V 3.1 – by Catwa Clip
  • Mesh body – EXMACHINA Davide Full Bento Avatar – by Ramses Meredith
  • Skin applier and shape[theSkinnery] Javier/ Tone 06 (@ TMD) – by Umazuma Metaluna
  • Eyes – CATWA Realistic Mesh Eyes – by Catwa Clip
  • Hair and hairbase applier – Dura B81/ Wood Bark – by Chiaki Xue
  • Outfit – [Marquesse] Royalty Suit/ Green – by Marquesse Team
  • Poses – ::WetCat:: Kissing Tree – by Wetcat Flux

[Chorus (2x):]
Last Christmas
I gave you my heart
But the very next day you gave it away.
This year
To save me from tears
I’ll give it to someone special.

Once bitten and twice shy
I keep my distance
But you still catch my eye.
Tell me, baby,
Do you recognize me?
It’s been a year,
It doesn’t surprise me
(Merry Christmas)

I wrapped it up and sent it
With a note saying, “I love you,”
I meant it
Now I know what a fool I’ve been.
But if you kissed me now
I know you’d fool me again.

[Chorus 2x]

Oh, oh, baby.

A crowded room,
Friends with tired eyes.
I’m hiding from you
And your soul of ice.
My god I thought you were someone to rely on.
Me? I guess I was a shoulder to cry on.

A face on a lover with a fire in his heart.
A man under cover but you tore me apart, ooh-hoo.
Now I’ve found a real love, you’ll never fool me again.

[Chorus 2x]

A face on a lover with a fire in his heart (I gave you my heart)
A man under cover but you tore him apart
Maybe next year I’ll give it to someone
I’ll give it to someone special.


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Minima maxima sunt 2Minima maxima sunt 3Minima maxima suntMinima maxima sunt 4


Meet you downstairs in the bar and hurt,
Your rolled-up sleeves in your skull t-shirt,
You say, “What did you do with him today?”
And sniffed me out like I was Tanqueray,

‘Cause you’re my fella, my guy,
Hand me your Stella and fly,
By the time I’m out the door,
You tear me down like Roger Moore,

I cheated myself,
Like I knew I would,
I told you I was trouble,
You know that I’m no good,

Upstairs in bed, with my ex-boy,
He’s in a place, but I can’t get joy,
Thinking on you in the final throes,
This is when my buzzer goes,

Run out to meet you, chips and pitta,
You say, “When we’re married,”
‘Cause you’re not bitter,
“There’ll be none of him no more,”
I cried for you on the kitchen floor,

I cheated myself,
Like I knew I would,
I told you I was trouble,
You know that I’m no good,

Sweet reunion, Jamaica and Spain,
We’re like how we were again,
I’m in the tub, you on the seat,
Lick your lips as I soak my feet,
Then you notice little carpet burn,
My stomach drop and my guts churn,
You shrug and it’s the worst,
Who truly stuck the knife in first

I cheated myself,
Like I knew I would
I told you I was trouble,
You know that I’m no good,

I cheated myself,
Like I knew I would
I told you I was trouble,
Yeah, you know that I’m no good.



You know what
I like the playettes
No diggity, no doubt, uh
Play on playette
Play on playette
Yo Dre, drop the verse

[Dr. Dre:]
It’s going down, fade to Blackstreet
The homies got RB, collab’ creations
Bump like Acne, no doubt
I put it down, never slouch
As long as my credit can vouch
A dog couldn’t catch me straight up
Tell me who can stop when Dre making moves
Attracting honeys like a magnet
Giving ’em eargasms with my mellow accent
Still moving this flavour
With the homies Blackstreet and Teddy
The original rump shakers

Shorty get down, good Lord
Baby got ’em open all over town
Strictly biz, you don’t play around
Cover much ground, got game by the pound
Getting paid is a forte
Each and every day, true player way
I can’t get her out of my mind
I think about the girl all the time (well, well)

East side to the west side
Pushing phat rides, it’s no surprise
She got tricks in the stash
Stacking up the cash
Fast when it comes to the gas
By no means average
She’s on when she’s got to have it
Baby, you’re a perfect ten, I wanna get in
Can I get down, so I can win

[Chorus x3:]
I like the way you work it
No diggity, I got to bag it up, bag it up

She’s got class and style
Street knowledge by the pound,
Baby never act wild
Very low key on the profile
Catching feelings is a no,
Let me tell you how it goes
Herb’s the word, spin’s the verb
Lovers it curves so freak what you heard
Rollin’ with the phatness
You don’t even know what the half is
You got to pay to play
Just for shorty, bang-bang, to look your way
I like the way you work it
Trumped tight, all day, every day
You’re blowing my mind, maybe in time
Baby, I can get you in my ride

[Chorus x4]

Hey yo, hey yo, hey yo, hey yo
Hey yo, that girl looks good
Hey yo, hey yo, hey yo, hey yo
Play on, play on playette
Hey yo, hey yo, hey yo, hey yo
You’re my kind of girl, no diggity
Hey yo, hey yo, hey yo, hey yo

[Queen Pen:]
Cause that’s my peeps and we rolls deep
Flying first class from New York City to Blackstreet
What you know about me, not a motherf*cking thing
Cartier wooded frames sported by my shortie
As for me, icy gleaming pinky diamond ring
We be’s the baddest clique up on the scene
Ain’t you getting bored with these fake ass broads
I shows and proves, no doubt, I predicted so
Please excuse, if I come across rude
That’s just me
And that’s how a playette’s got to be
Stay kicking game with a capital G
Ask the peoples on my block, I’m as real as can be
Word is born, faking moves never been my thing
So, Teddy, pass the word to your nigga Chauncy
I’ll be sending a call, let’s say around 3: 30
Queen Pen and Blackstreet, it’s no diggity

[Chorus x4]


Yeah, Come on
Jackie in full effect
Lisa in full effect
Nicky in full effect
Tomeka in full effect
Ladies in full effect
Ain’t nothing goin’ on but the rent
Yeah play on playette
Play on play on
Cause I like it
No diggity, no doubt, yeah
Blackstreet productions
We out, we out right
We out, we out




  • Mesh head – [AK] Lara Bento Mesh Head (new) – by KaoZ Koba
  • Mesh body – -Belleza- Venus V4 – by Tricky Boucher
  • Mesh hands – Vista Animations Bento Prohands Female V 1.0 Final (updated) – by Vista Barnes
  • Skin applier – LAQ Kate/ Tone 2.0 – by Mallory Cowen
  • Lipstick – .:Soul:. LipStains/ Soot (GG) – by Lerochelle Destiny
  • Eyes – **Yeux** Eyes Janire/ Forest (@ Hashtag New Year Round) – by Karlota Hirvi
  • Hair – +elua+  Lucie/ Black – by Miu Edman
  • DressEmberotic’s Fashion Designs Pasha Short Dress (@ Hashtag New Year Round) – by Emberotic Draconia
  • Boots – {SA} Domina/ Red/ Rare – by Marquesse Team
  • Mesh skybox – [ba] Stockholm attic skybox with furniture – by Barnesworth Anubis
  • Poses – {PM} Dirty Armchair – by Jaay Tiratzo