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Most people think Time is like a river, that flows swift and sure in one direction. They are wrong.Sit down and I will tell you a tale like none that you have ever hear*

*from Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time (film)

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  • Mesh headGA.EG Evan Bento Mesh Head V 2.1.1 – by Gael Streeter
  • Mesh bodyEXMACHINA Davide Bento Avatar/ No head V 6.2 – by Ramses Meredith
  • SkinNIVARO James Skin/ Summer Tone – by ReishiProphet
  • EyesIKON Hope Eyes/ Forest – by Ikon Innovia
  • Hair and full outfitfrom Second Life Avatars/ Vampire Hunter Angus – by Linden Lab
  • Mesh backdrop/anxiety/ Catacomb (from Goodbuy Neon Pack) – by Max1ma
  • PosesPoseidon Poses Dungeoneer Rogue Pack – by Gryphon Vendetta