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Somewhere between the worlds

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*Even when you’re very busy, there’s occasionally time to take a rest (Japanese proverb)

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The Avenue Poster - Round 24 - November 2018

Be sure to choose the right frog :D

This post inspiring by one of my favorite Disney‘s cartoon movies – The Princess and the frog. Though all his cartoons are great and I can’t name even one which I don’t like 🙂

I did a little bit humorous pics, because fairy tales don’t always correspond to reality and I guess my ava chosen a very ordinary frog to kiss and I doubt she will kiss at all lollaughing-gifs-how-couldyou

In the South Land there’s a city
Way down on the river
Where the women are very pretty
And all the men deliver
They got music
It’s always playin’
Start in the day time, go all through the night
When you hear that music playin’
Hear what I’m saying, it make you feel alright
Grab somebody, come on down
Bring your paintbrush, we’re paintin’ the town
Oh there’s some sweetness goin’ ’round
Catch it down in New Orleans
We got magic, good and bad
Make you happy or make you real sad
Get everything you want, lose what you had
Down here in New Orleans
Hey partner, don’t be shy
Come on down here and give us a try
You wanna do some livin’ before you die
Do it down in New Orleans
Stately homes and mansions
Of the Sugar Barons and the Cotton Kings
Rich people, old people, all got dreams

Dreams do come true in New Orleans

Be sure to choose the right frog 4Be sure to choose the right frog 3Be sure to choose the right frogBe sure to choose the right frog 2