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Autumn bunny not so funny :D

Eat, sleep,
And breathe that you’re full of the stuff
Go back, and tie it up tight
Wheat-meat-dairy-free, tee total,
So happy clappy high on life
You should try it, you should know
Go on while no one’s looking

A-ha! Caught you now!
Caught you red handed in the biscuit tin!
Cost you to keep me quiet

Golden boy boots
Pocket pedestal
Picking sharp smart moves
Plastic, tin can, paper separator
Busy bee wave, wave ‘save the planet’ flag
But sneaky in suburbia

A-ha! Candid camera!
Hook, line and sinker
For the four-wheel drive
Cost you to keep me quiet!
Keep me quiet! (keep me quiet!)

Nicest sweetest
Utmost in everything
It’s so charming, very charming
Well, reckon, play the fool
No one’s ill at ease
And put the deepest Swiss bank trust in you
No one saw it coming
Cost you to keep me quiet



  • Mesh head – CATWA Head Catya Bento V 1.0 (new release) – by Catwa Clip
  • Mesh body – -Belleza- Venus V4 – by Tricky Boucher
  • Mesh hands – Slink/ Casual- by Siddean Munro
  • Skin applier – Erde/ Angie Skin/ Charmeuse (upcoming 11th November @ Applique 8th Round) – by MarshalHayley
  • Lashes applier and eyeshadows – .::frosting::. Full Face Set #2 (@ The Makeover Room) and (upcoming 11th November @ Applique 8th Round) – by Cute Brianna
  • Nails applier – {ZOZ} Sweet Flower Polish (upcoming 4th November @ The Chapter Four) – by Zozicon
  • Eyes – CATWA Realistic Mesh Eyes – by Catwa Clip
  • Hat – *Merlific* Poisoned Diamond/ Saddy Wool Bunny 2 (upcoming 5th November @ Sad November) – by Merl2010
  • Eye patch – *Merlific* Blinded Pirate Eye/ Black – by Merl2010
  • Top and shorts – Frais/ Caged Top/ Black – Net Shorts/ Kitten (upcoming 11th November @ Applique 8th Round) – by YoriSky
  • Mesh socks – *Merlific*  Betty Autumn Socks/ Grey Lign (upcoming 7th November @ anyBODY) – by Merl2010
  • Mesh scenery – Rowne/26 Flatbush Ave/ Brooklyn (store gacha) – by Fashionboi Landar
  • Pose (pic 1) – [evoLove] Noir 01 (upcoming 4th November @ The Old Fair) – by Evolovepose
  • Pose (pic 2) – [evoLove] Noir 2 (upcoming 4th November @ The Old Fair) – by Evolovepose
  • Pose (pic 3) – [evoLove] The Witch 01 (@ The Coven) – by Evolovepose