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大处着眼,小处着手。( Keep the general goal in sight while tackling daily tasks)*

*Chinese proverb

王之涣 《登鹳雀楼》


On The Stork Tower

The sun beyond the mountains glows;
The Yellow River seawards flows.
You can enjoy a grander sight,
By climbing to a greater height.

by Wang Zhihuan


  • Mesh headCATWA Head Daniel Bento V 3.2 – by Catwa Clip
  • Mesh bodyEXMACHINA Davide Bento Avatar Athletic v 5.06/ No head (updated:  fixed neck collar issue with omega
    – fixed back calf issue with omega
    – fixed bug on nails to change texture with the skin applier
    – finalized no head versions in one body only compatible all the heads
    ) –  by Ramses Meredith
  • Skin applier and shape*Birth* Mr Lee/ Tone 04 – by Silent Alchemi
  • Body water drops.::Nanika::. Drops Of Water – by sDEVAs
  • Face scars*Birth* Cuts (@ The HME) – by Silent Alchemi
  • HairDura Boy 72/ Dark Brown – by Chiaki Xue
  • PantsEXMACHINA Gym Runner Capri – by Ramses Meredith
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