The Darkwood Elf

The Midnight ElfThe Midnight Elf 4The Midnight Elf 3-1-EditThe Midnight Elf 2


  • Mesh headLeLutka Nova Evolution V 2.0 – by JadenArt
  • Mesh bodyLegacy Mesh Body/ Perky V1.2.1 – by MeshBody
  • SkinCore Jewel Skin/ Mix (@ The Makeover Room) – by ElenaMicheals Core
  • Mesh ears[CX] Sceleratis Ears (upcoming 5th August @ TMD) – by Kamayari
  • Ears tattooNefekalum Tattoos Sceleratis Drip Augment (upcoming 5th August @ TMD) – by Azram Belwraith
  • Eyes.:Soul:. Nebula Eyes/ Aluben – by Lerochelle Destiny
  • MakeupZibska Eria (@ The Makeover Room) – by Zib Scagg
  • Mesh horns.:Soul:. Geit/Stone Gradient – by Lerochelle Destiny
  • HairWasabi Prudence/ Lunar – by MissAllSunday Lemon
  • Mesh gloves[[ Masoom ]] Roux Gloves – by AmberChaudry Corpur
  • Orb!Musa! Puzzle Orb/ Silver – by Filomena Quinnell
  • Pose (pic 1)Konpeitou Whisper/ Pose Collection (GG) – by Pnknkitin
  • Pose (pic 2)Konpeitou Poke Poke/ Pose Collection 02 (GG) – by Pnknkitin
  • Pose (pic 3)Konpeitou Moon/ Pose Collection 03 (GG) – by Pnknkitin
  • Pose (pic 4)Konpeitou Darkness/ Pose Collection 02 (GG) – by Pnknkitin

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