Legio nomen mihi est, quia multi sumus (my name is Legion, for we are many)*

*New Testament, Mark 5:6-13

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  • Mesh headLeLutka Skyler Evolution V 1.2 – by JadenArt
  • Mesh bodyEXMACHINA Evolve Body V1.04 – by Ramses Meredith
  • EyesGA.EG Ultimate Eyes V 2.0 – by Gael Streeter
  • Eyes applierGA.EG Ultimate Eyes Pack/ EY21 My Promise/ Pack C – by Gael Streeter
  • EyebrowsMister Razzor Hariel Eyebrows/ Style1 – by MathewThomson
  • Beard + mesh beardMister Razzor Jason Facial Hair – by MathewThomson
  • HairSintiklia Eric Hair/ B&W – by Sintikliasims
  • Bodysuit – CURELESS [+] Incubus & Succubus Diabolus Bodysuit – by Kaorinette
  • Horns – CURELESS [+] Incubus & Succubus Nephilim Horns – by Kaorinette
  • Mesh backdrop and poses/anxiety/ Formaldehyde – by Max1ma

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