Cuius regio eius religio*

*Whose realm, his religion

II. Sileant zephyri (Largo)
Sileant zephyri
rigeant prata,
unda amata,
frondes, flores non satientur.
Mortuo flumine,
proprio lumine
luna et sol etiam priventur.

English translation:

Let the winds be hushed,
let the fields freeze,
the flowers and leaves will not
be drenched with the water they love.
With the river dead
even the moon and the sun
will be deprived of their own light.

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  • Mesh headGenus Project Genus Head/ Baby Face V 1.6 – by Genusproject
  • Mesh body Maitreya Lara V 4.1 – by Onyx LeShelle
  • Skin applier and shapeEgozy Keri/ Tan – by Nicole Button
  • EyesCATWA Realistic Mesh Eyes – by Catwa Clip
  • Eyes applierEgozy Mysterious Eyes (@ eBento) – by Nicole Button
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  • Collar with blood applier[CX] Heretic’s Toy – by Kamayari
  • Mask[CX] See No Evil/ Heretic – by Kamayari
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  • Heels[CX] Project Harpoon/ Gold/ Black – by Kamayari
  • Mesh dress and harnessCURELESS [+] Ariael Set (@ Anthem) – by Kaorinette
  • Mesh backdrop[CX] Crucem Inverso – by Kamayari
  • Pose (pic 1)DM Visage – by Del May
  • Pose (pic 2) DM Becoming Extinct – by Del May
  • Pose (pic 3)DM Rain On My Face – by Del May
  • Pose (pic 4)DM Cloud Bathing – by Del May
  • Pose (pic 5)DM Brave Face – by Del May
  • Pose (pic 6)DM Inner Fight – by Del May



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