Somewhere along the way, we must learn that there is nothing greater than to do something for others*

*Martin Luther King Jr

Today’s post is not usual post. It happens sometimes that others are in need and we can help them. I wanted to share this information with you so we all can help as much as we can.


This is the sign up form for Stores & Bloggers!
Charity event to help Elicio Ember of Cerridwen’s Cauldron to help him cover the expensive costs of his father’s care after having a stroke in late February.
On Feb. 21st, Elicio Ember’s father had a stroke that was not seen until the following day. Because of this, he has had to drop out of creating his beautiful sim for Fantasy Fair, as well as having the worry of handling the costs that are involved in caring for his father’s medical bills.
You can read his full account here

=== When ===
While time is of the essence, we want you to be able to create an item that is just as amazing as you are.
Set-up Day: March 15 (You can have things set up prior if you like, but scripts inactive.)
Start Day: March 16
Ends On: April 16

=== Requirements of Vendor Participation ===
1. One (1) group slot available.
2. We are asking that creators create at least one (1) exclusive item to be placed in the front of their main store with all proceeds going directly to Elicio Ember via the EmbersCauldron account for tracking purposes.
The item can be an older creation with a special recolor, or a completely new item and will be sold via a split script with 100% donation going to Elicio Ember. (You can use your own scripts, CasperVend, E-2V, but must be a 100% donation.)

While I know some may ask “What is in it for me?” the point of a charity is to give without expecting anything in return. However, with the items being located in your store, you get the traffic from those coming to view and purchase your charity item.

=== Theme ===
The theme for the items is going to be >Glowing Life<.
For inspiration, just look at the creations Ember has already done! (Don’t copy his work of course!)

=== Count me in! ===
If you are interested in joining us and helping Elicio, fill out the form at the link below, even if you just want to host a donation kiosk at your store!

The Form

=== I Don’t Wanna! ===
If you would rather just donate, you can do so through one of the kiosks that will be set up, directly to Elicio Ember, or by purchasing anything from Cerridwen’s Cauldron Marketplace 
There will also be updates to this information on the form once a gofundme or other donation service becomes available.

To contact  – search them inworld:

  • Lerochelle Destiny – Best Contact. Organizer
  • Tithis String –  Manager/Helper

I pray for Elicio’s father, wish his family stay strong and have all faith that everything will be good Praying child.


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