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Wanted to share this amazing song with you, I love words so much, make me smile each time I hear it giphy

This time LADYBLANCE turned to a toddler lol, but I like her cutie look and going to make more pics using kid avas 🙂

She is just a baby
She’s my little girl
She looks like her mommy
Sporting little curls
She’s got lots to learn
Though she is sure to know
That I’ll quietly spot her
Anywhere she goes

Now our little lady’s out with daddy for the day
She fought the yawns but couldn’t stay awake
As I place her in the car
She’s out like a light
Cause she knows I’ll get her home all right

She went from the backseat
To hands at ten and two
College came too quickly
Her leaving feels too soon
Now I swore I’d be strong but
These are happy tears
Cause I get even prouder
With every passing year

Now her weekends will be full of hanging with her friends
But someone needs a call before nights end
She knows I’ll toss and turn
No chance I’ll sleep tonight
Til I know she’s made it home all right

If time could only give me
A moment to reflect
To smile on all that has been
to treasure what is left
Though I won’t always be here
This you surely know
That I’ll quietly spot you
Anywhere you go

And when we are apart remember it is not the end
You know enough to know we’ll meet again
I’ll be waiting by the gate
Standing just inside
Til I know you’ve made it home all right
til I know you’ve made it home all right

Let’s go home

My dad 2My dad




  • Mesh head – LOGO Eternity Ethan Hybrid Mesh Avatar V 1.0 (@ Skin Fair sim 1) – by Maximillion Grant
  • Mesh body – Slink/ Physique Male- by Siddean Munro
  • Mesh hands – Slink/ Relax- by Siddean Munro
  • Tattoo – { Speakeasy } Vaz Tattoo – by JamesEdwardQ
  • Hair.:EMO-tions:.   Aidan/ Brown GG – by Mirja Mills
  • Outfit – BRII Underground *FABIO COMPLET OUTFIT * – by BRIANNA Passiflora
  • Pose – .click. My Daddy – by Gracie Breuer